Build Capability

Your people, just more entrepreneurial.

Your people are ready to become lean-thinking, startup minded, action-oriented success machines. And who better to train them, than those who have lived it?

Harnessing ideas from many fields and concepts like Design Thinking and Lean Startup, we strive to create legions of internal entrepreneurs. People who can easily identify valuable customer-centric ideas, test and validate with speed and push the innovation agenda in complex corporate environments.

Fusion Labs’ entrepreneur-led capability building programs are designed to amplify your internal innovation capabilities. We offer training and workshops that will equip your people with the mindset, skillset and toolset to rapidly take projects off the page and into the world.

Learn by doing

We think that the best way to learn is by doing. We help you pressure-test any concept or problem in a short burst with even more intensity than a Sprint, building capability at the same time. Lasting anywhere from a few hours to 3 days, Fusion Labs innovation workshops are designed to interrogate ideas and test core assumptions through research and discussion with users. At the end, you’ll have a very strong, early signal of the viability of an idea, and a team that knows how to get there again and again, fast.

Tailored learning

We tailor all our capability-building programs to your needs. Our programs incorporate best practice from Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile and our battle-tested experience in Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Topics we’ve covered before:

  • Introduction to design thinking: Principles and case studies
  • Finding breakthrough opportunities: Uncovering unexpected solutions, innovations, and inventions
  • Customer empathy: Finding problems worth solving using observation, interviews and other qualitative techniques
  • Ideation: Challenging norms through effective brainstorming
  • Turning ideas into opportunities: Synthesising and evaluating results to ensure they meet desirability, feasibility and viability criteria
  • Prototyping and experimentation: Visualise and test concepts for real time insights from customers
  • Communicating the new: Pitching and other ways to communicate and get buy-in for new ideas
  • Introduction to lean startup: Principles, problem-solution fit, product-market fit
  • The 1-page business model: The Lean Canvas vs Business Model Canvas
  • Experimentation: How to find the riskiest assumptions in a business model, and turn them into hypotheses to test using experiments
  • Build-measure-learn: Incorporating lessons into solutions using validation from prototyping and customer interviews
  • Taking solutions to market: Solution roadmaps, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how to get there
  • Managing ‘extreme’ projects: How to create environments for high intensity innovation, leading teams and integrating into Business-As-Usual
  • Overcoming innovation barriers: Understanding, anticipating and overcoming the politics and barriers to innovation in an established organisation
  • Communicating innovation: Creating momentum and winning executive buy-in
  • Integrating innovation back into the core: Moving from a project/incubation environment to Business-As-Usual
  • Open Innovation: Promote and accelerate partnerships between your organisation and other players in the innovation ecosystem such as startups
  • Innovation horizons: Anticipating and designing for the future through laser sharp customer focus