Social Innovation

9th and 10th November


Through collaborative creation with customers and partners, Hitachi aims to address shared challenges, exchange ideas and create new value for society by introducing new technologies in sectors such as transportation, mining, agriculture, public safety, and healthcare. 

We would like to invite you to participate in the Hitachi Social Innovation Hackathon to generate unique ideas with innovative technologies and business solutions.

Diversity and inclusiveness are important for Hitachi, so we decided to partner with Fusion Labs and Innovation Dojo which facilitate cross-cultural innovation and entrepreneurship. We are hoping to welcome participants with diverse backgrounds and experiences to tackle the challenges together.

Hitachi Social Innovation

Social Innovation addresses the world’s social and environmental needs, and it’s bigger than an individual or company. It requires businesses and the entire society to work together toward a common goal. At Hitachi, we collaborate with our partners to make what is “Good” for the world that it needs, a reality. We believe the goal of Hitachi’s Social Innovation can be summed up with two simple words: Powering Good.

Hitachi has been contributing to society since its foundation in 1910. We strive to add value to society through our Social Innovation Business – a globally implemented framework that harnesses the combined power of our operational technologies and over half a century of leading IT expertise.

By promoting Social Innovation Business in the 2021 Mid-Term Management Plan, we will operate business to create three value propositions for customers: Improving social values, environmental values, and economic values. Hitachi has identified five areas where its solutions can increase these values: Mobility, Smart Life, Industry, Energy, and IT. Hitachi’s solutions in these areas will improve the quality of life for people and provide added value to customers.

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Hitachi has 9 companies in Australia employing over 3,650 staff across the region with a consolidated revenue in excess of AUD $2.4bn. With major shareholdings either directly or through one of its group companies, Hitachi has gradually increased its presence and has made significant contributions to the region over the last half a century.

With offices spread across all states and territories in Australia, Hitachi offers a wide range of products and services in the region, including but not restricted to; information & telecommunication systems and services, mining technologies and solutions, social infrastructure solutions such as power and rail systems, industrial products and solutions, and consulting services.

Innovation Dojo has been running successful cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship programs since 2016. With companies like Hitachi and Orange Fab Asia, universities like UNSW, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kyushu University with a formula that sees talent solve social and business problems solved with an innovative approach.

Cutting edge startups such as VR for language learning company V-KAIWA have been formed, startups looking to enter Japan like health tech startup Beacohealth has been supported with Japan market entry and Japan based researchers such as the team behind LifeChair are being assisted for the launch of their product in Australia. A trusted group of experts run and guide Innovation Dojo and the company has unparalleled capabilities and networks across Australasia in the innovation and startup sphere.

Fusion Labs is a leader within the Australian corporate innovation space. We bring together international business experience, an understanding of corporate challenges and a rigorous methodology for delivering high impact innovation.

Fusion Labs brings together entrepreneurs from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds. People with mindsets and skillsets obtained through the process of starting and growing their own successful businesses. Our practitioners synthesise their experience, skills, backgrounds and qualifications to form an entrepreneurial task force.


Social Innovation
in Smart Cities
How can we improve people’s Quality of Life through Social Innovation in Smart Cities?

There are no limits to the social impact you can make on these traditional industries – Be creative and original to tackle the challenges! 

Smart Cities are all about people and their quality of life.

 Every aspect of a city that is being considered for transformation to SMART has one objective, and that is to make a difference to peoples’ way of life.

Cities are complex organisms of people, governments, businesses, and organisations, which require holistic solutions that address the needs of all stakeholders. Through collaborative creation with our customers and partners, Hitachi is providing the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are helping cities to become safer, more efficient and convenient, while driving economic growth. The challenges of creating safer, more viable cities are constantly changing, with no two situations exactly alike.

With solutions like Hitachi Video Analytics (HVA) and Hitachi Visualization Suite, we help public safety organizations gain real-time situational awareness and tools for data-driven policing. We deliver operational intelligence to airports and transportation agencies to help them keep people moving, and safe. We deliver business intelligence to retail and downtowns, so they can thrive.


The top teams will be invited to pitch at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum on 26 November 2019 (venue currently TBC).

Total prize money of AU $10,000 will be granted to those winner(s) of the pitch competition, announced at the event. 


Saturday 9th november
  • 8:30 Doors open & Breakfast
  • 9:00 Welcome & Introduction
  • 10:00 Team forming
  • 10:15 Hacking begins
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:00 Mentor session
  • 17:30 Hacking ends, Day 1 Wrap-Up
  • 18:00 End of Day 1
Sunday 10 th november
  • 8:30 Doors open & Breakfast, Hacking begins
  • 10:00 Mentor session
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Final Pitches
  • 16:00 Final Pitches finish
  • 16:15 Announcement of Winner/s, Networking
  • 18:00 End of Day 2


Fishburners Sydney
Level 3, 11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000


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The top teams will be invited to pitch their ideas at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum on 26 November in Melbourne, and have ongoing opportunities to consult with the subject matter experts from Hitachi. There will be a total of $10,000 monetary prizes for the winner(s) of the pitch competition at the forum.

The hackathon is open to everyone 18 or older who wants to design, code, and build new and innovative solutions that solve the big problems. Applicants must be available to attend the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum on 26 November in person.

Yes, you can! Please register your team member’s name and email address in the registration form. The maximum number of people per team is 4. Are you a solo problem solver? Don’t worry! We will find you team members based on your skill set before we start hacking on the site.

Selection will be made based on how big the impact the solution can make in the market, how unique the idea is, and how realistic and investable the solution will become in coming months.

You are welcome to use our tools and data but it’s not required. If you decide to use them, the Hitachi experts will help you shape your ideas and answer your questions, which may increase your chances of winning the competition.

You, the participants own any new IP created during the program.

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