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Senior Service Designer

About the role

Fusion Labs is a growing innovation consultancy with over 30 staff working across multiple client projects in Melbourne & Sydney. We are looking for a proactive Senior Service Designer who can work with our clients to solve complex problems and deliver high impact innovation.
This is a full-time or contract role based in Sydney.


  • Collect and analyse user behaviour through field visits, ethnography, surveys, benchmark studies and online experiments (A/B testing).
  • Conduct research into market trends and competitors to identify and advise clients on innovative opportunities to pursue
  • Analyse existing research and data – quantitative and qualitative – to form a compelling point of view on what we know and what direction the research should take 
  • Use divergent design thinking techniques for the conceptual development of products and services
  • Communicate design ideas using customer journeys, system maps, product concepts, service models and other techniques
  • Facilitate workshops with a diversity of stakeholders for input and review of research findings, concepts, designs and next steps
  • Think strategically about new products / ventures and collaborate with team members to validate their commercial potential
  • Coordinate qualitative research activities (recruitment and scheduling)
  • Create deliverables, reports, presentations, and/or videos to document and bring to life insights in an engaging and inspiring way
  • Ensure the timely execution and delivery of projects as per the specified scope and expectations of the client
  • Document best practice HCD research techniques and methodologies to be used by the broader Fusion Labs team

Experience, skills & ambition

  • 5+ years experience in service design, early-stage UX research or related field
  • Experience working with early-stage startups (highly regarded)
  • Exceptional understanding of design thinking and lean startup research tools and methodologies (and how to use them on different projects)
  • Strong commercial acumen and the ability to think strategically about new venture opportunities 
  • Comfortable working with senior corporate and government clients 
  • Comfortable facilitating workshops and sprints
  • Excellent project management skills including time management, ability to multitask and work within tight timelines
  • Exceptional communication skills including excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills
  • Self motivated and independent 
  • Eager to learn and adopt new ways of work
  • Direct, candid and able to embrace a healthy culture of debate and continuous improvement
  • Passionate about the innovation space and entrepreneurial community

Email your CV and/or portfolio to

Please mention the job title (Senior Service Designer) in the subject of the email. 

About Fusion Labs

Fusion Labs is a leader within the Australian corporate innovation space. We bring together international business experience, an understanding of corporate challenges and a rigorous methodology for delivering high impact innovation and digital products.

Our team consists of entrepreneurs, consultants, designers and engineers from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds who share a passion for creativity, learning, experimentation and impact. We are not your typical agency or management consultancy, but rather a tribe of practitioners with experience launching and growing new ventures that leverage new business models, channels and technology. Our skill-sets and mind-sets are obtained from repeated experience navigating highly uncertain contexts, complex problem solving, inspiring and aligning diverse stakeholders, and applying rigorous methodologies to build highly viable, feasible and desirable products. We leverage our team’s diverse experience, skills, backgrounds and qualifications to form an entrepreneurial task force.

Our clients are typically large corporate or government organisations looking to innovate and execute on new opportunities. 

What type of people work at Fusion Labs?

Our team is dynamic, fast paced and supportive. We have discovered successful innovation and high performing teams are often fueled by three core principles. Our team strives to embody these on a daily basis:

  1. Look beyond the corners. Our people look beyond obstacles, to find opportunities. Each of our team members has a high level of autonomous contribution and, in turn, each person needs to seek a clear and constant view of what success looks like. We start with the end in mind, empowering us to look beyond the corners.
  2. Be relentlessly curious. We work in ambiguous environments that challenge our limits and set new benchmarks. Being curious helps keep our biases of what is ‘normal’ in check, it propels us into a universe of constant learning. Asking an awkward question is better than not understanding: we all get better together. As part of this, seeking to hear and understand is better than seeking to lecture and be heard. Our confidence should make space for other’s strengths to shine.

Nurture the human, drive the outcome. We listen closely to challenges and seek to uncover root causes, rather than simply label the symptoms. We lean into difficult conversations, meetings, and decisions. We seek help and mentorship from the broader Fusion Labs team — we own problems and challenges as a family. As a high performing team, we celebrate each other’s strengths and constantly step up to support our colleagues and clients.

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