A 4 week multi-organisational sprint

The roadrunner project brought three large organisations together to build an IOT solution in four weeks

The challenge

To find a unique and viable business opportunity for a new IOT technology, by getting three large organisations to collaborate. Our approach resulted in a partnership agreement between two ASX top 20 companies to take the product to market – achieving in 4 weeks what would usually have taken over 6 months.

Our approach

The multi-organisation sprint was split into two distinct sprints.

The discovery sprint
Over a two-week sprint we took the client’s team on a discovery journey to find a problem worth solving – interviewing over 60 customers across multiple segments.

The prototyping sprint
Over another two-week sprint we synthesised the research, identified a dominant use case, matched it with a customer segment, validated our findings with customers, built out a business case and prototyped an app.

We then presented our recommendation to two ASX 20 clients to take the product to market in a partnership, helping them draw up a sustainable partnership agreement.

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