Innovation Projects

Get big ideas off the ground, fast

Structured innovation programs to rapidly generate ideas, prototype and validate with live-market data

We plug into project teams to discover problems, ideate, prototype and validate, getting big ideas off the ground, fast. Our seasoned innovation experts lead structured innovation programs to generate, explore, develop, evaluate new initiatives as well as developing investment cases for new initiatives with significant potential.

Define the problem with the right people in the room

A well defined solution starts with a well defined problem. Run engaging workshops to turn your thinking upside down and explore challenges from new perspectives. Test your innovation with real users and key stakeholders, so you can move forward with certainty. 

Validate discrete problem/solution sets

 We ensure the problem informs the solution, rather than retro-fitting existing templates and capabilities. The appropriate subject matter experts are always engaged to ensure your solution is a strong fit for the exact challenge you face.

Accelerate at speed

Nurture your most viable early-stage projects through our proven accelerator programs. Whether you’re developing a MVP for consumer testing, tweaking an existing product, or working up a complete go-to-market plan. Fusion Labs’ entrepreneurs have lived this fast-paced style of business, which is what makes us the perfect partner to embed within your team. We use our experience to lead you through the intensive 1 to 3 month project to deliver a detailed (validated) assessment of the feasibility, viability and desirability of one or more individual ideas.

Outside in(novation)

We know first hand that disruptive innovation requires a more distributed, more participatory, more decentralised approach to innovation. That’s why our incubator programs are designed to bring large organisations together with fast moving startups to solve meaningful problems aligned to your strategic imperatives.

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A 4 week multi-organisational sprint

A deep dive into 60+ customers, three large organisations used a 4-week lean startup accelerator to repurpose an existing technology to become highly profitable.

We get big ideas off the ground, fast.​

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