Innovation Capability

Your people, just more entrepreneurial

Train your people to recognise and nurture innovation. Build high performance teams through action-based learning: our Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Corporate Entrepreneurship methods ensure your teams are ready for an ever-evolving world.

Leadership masterclass

This series of half day workshops helps leaders drive innovation in their teams. Leaders learn the cultural traits of the most innovative organisations, identify the behaviours holding them back and build a path forward.  Topics covered include: managing risk and experimentation, building a customer-centric team and inclusive leadership. 

Sprints for innovation champions

Designed for those managing innovation teams day-to-day, this program uses workshops and mentoring to help champions move from knowing the innovation tools to being able to facilitate teams through effective innovation sprints.

Innovation 101

A two-day program to give individuals a hands-on experience of an innovation process from idea generation through to execution. Custom built around one of your companies internal challenges, this program inspires and builds your people’s readiness to engage in an innovation project or support from the sidelines.


Intelligently delivered best practice tools, Radframe is Google Maps for Innovation. RadFrame is an online platform that makes innovation both efficient and effective.

By generating easy to apply innovation roadmaps tailored to the specific needs of each project, RadFrame equips every team with the right tools to test, refine and execute on innovation ideas effectively.

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Problem to prototype in 24 hours

Watch how we took a client through an entire innovation process from customer interviews to working prototype in one day. With our team of expert in-house entrepreneurs and design thinkers, along with our database of UX designers, software developers and customer interview experts we showed how the seemingly impossible innovation sprint comes to life.

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