A dynamic digital marketplace for concrete in Australia

 In partnership with Boral we developed the first scalable, two-sided digital marketplace for concrete in Australia.


The challenge

The built environment is on the verge of major disruption as tech start-ups tackle head-on the industry’s biggest pressure points. Boral is Australia’s market leader in construction materials, and knew they needed to make an offensive move against the threat of digital disruption. The challenge was to create a disruptive business that addresses key pain points in the ecosystem, ensuring that Boral is a first-mover in the digital disruption of building materials, all while protecting and extending Boral’s core business.

Our approach

We developed and launched Boral’s Innovation Lab (B/Hub), through which multiple accelerators were facilitated and over 150 Boral staff trained. From B/Hub a strong insight emerged: the concrete market is inefficient and lacks transparency, causing frustration and sub-optimal behaviour from both customers and suppliers. The problem is widespread – but the greatest impact is on small-medium builders.

With this in mind we developed and launched an independent venture that encourages better behaviour from suppliers and customers, solving for the major pain points of the SME builder.


We developed the first scalable, two-sided digital marketplace for concrete in Australia. This mobile-first platform connects trusted suppliers with valued customers through a superior, easy-to-use platform that delivers transparent on-demand and value-added services.

The solution dramatically reduces the burden of servicing and acquiring small concrete orders, increasing the potential profitability of the segment for Boral.

We provided full-stack advisory, implementation and build of the venture and platform including:

  • Developing the compelling Business Case for Boral to fund the business
  • Launching the first MVP within 3 months
  • Completing the Alpha pilot with over 50 successful, real-world orders
  • Generating $200k+ in revenue pre-launch
  • Establishing the business settings for beta launch and commercial scaling
  • Building foundations for scale and assisting with the recruiting of a founding team

Our team continues to work closely with Boral on this exciting venture. Our experts-in-residence support and execute on the ongoing development of the tech stack, customer interfaces, growth strategies and venture structure. 

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