We’re a task force of entrepreneurs who plug into established organisations to lead inventive growth from within.


Combined years experience in entrepreneurial teams *


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* Where an entrepreneurial team is defined by – high uncertainty, scarce resources, pressure to deliver, a small team, and doing things without a playbook.

Why we exist

As a business leader you know there are powerful forces of change at work in the economy today. As technology generates opportunity, you realise that those who thrive in the future will be those who explore, test, learn and evolve what they do. Building and executing inventive new business models and bringing well-designed product ideas to market. Too often though, your attempts at internal innovation have been undermined by impractical business theory and internal roadblocks.

Fusion Labs was created to disrupt and dismantle that trend. The company was founded by seasoned entrepreneur Patrick Crooks in 2013. After growing a startup from 3 to 1200 people and $100 million in revenue, he experienced what could be achieved by a swift-moving entity with little more than laptops and an internet connection. He realised that established organisations would struggle if they didn’t adapt to the speed and inventiveness of today’s economy.

We are not business theorists. We are innovation practitioners who plug startup tactics into established organisations and we turn opportunities into outcomes. As a team of experienced and successful entrepreneurs who have lived this in the real world, we live to awaken the entrepreneur’s mindset within established organisations. Unlocking the unrelenting resourcefulness, inventiveness and customer focus that gives rise to new growth engines.

Who we are

Fusion Labs brings together entrepreneurs from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds. People with mindsets and skillsets obtained through the hands-on process of starting and growing their own successful businesses. From mobile banking in Pakistan to peer-to-peer carsharing in Australia, our practitioners synthesize their experience, skills, backgrounds and qualifications to form your on-demand entrepreneurial task force.

We are thinkers, leaders and technical experts who know how to apply innovation ideas and strategies from the world’s high-growth startups. Helping established organisations leverage their assets to dominate and disrupt on their own terms.