Pete Bradd of Fusion Labs helps News Corp unleash internal innovation over a 54 hour intense program, resulting in four new products that will now be launched by News Corp to millions of customers. 

Rupert Murdoch holds a hackathon T-shirt:  he is clearly delighted with the outcomes.

Rupert Murdoch holds a hackathon T-shirt:  he is clearly delighted with the outcomes.

How do you make the "Big Boss" smile with delight? 

  • create the right environment and approach for bold experimentation,
  • bring together cross-functional teams of awesome individuals,
  • give them 54 hours of high pressure,
  • give them the tools, frameworks and training to apply the latest innovation techniques,
  • get Fusion Lab's Pete Bradd to show them how real entrepreneurs drive fast, validated innovation.

The outcome?

  • Four highly innovative new products, 
  • Staff with a bold entrepreneurial mindset, ready for the next big challange.

News Corp video of "Foundry 54" hackathon facilitated by Pete Bradd of Fusion Labs

The challenge:

It's hard to make innovation "go viral" in an organisation. There are too many competing priorities, too many "silos" that create barriers to achieving the impossible. Add committees and endless meetings and you have a great way to kill great ideas. 

An even better way kill innovation is to get staff enthusiastic about generating new ideas and business models, and then never implement them.

What is needed is a great way to innovate, and then a sustainable way to assess and implement the outcomes.

The process:

We helped News Corp find a cheap and low risk way to experiment with new ideas. It was a facilitated session over 3 days that mimicked the high pressure environment found in any successful early stage start-up. Pete Bradd (of Fusion Labs) used his entrepreneurial expertise to help guide the process, and give staff the just-in-time tools and training needed to come up with great ideas, validate them, and then build them.

Despite the speed and fun, the process it is based on world-leading innovation principles.

The end result exceeded expectations: Four exciting new products are on their way to being put into the hands of millions of News Corp customers.

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